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Entries for January, 2010

UI design VS. Database design

Recently I’ve been doing allot of database planning for an eCommerce related product. In the process of doing so, I realized one problem allot of beginner and intermediate programmers have is properly designing a database schema. It seem’s the database structure almost always matches the user interface structure. This sounds logical, however can actually limit [...]


Robot chassis

I completed the build-out of my robots chassis last night. Its exactly a square foot, and about 8 inches tall. It was a pain getting the training wheels mounted to the motors – but I finally got them mounted after some fabrication work. Anyways, here she is so far…


Build your own HTPC (Home theater PC)

Building your own HTPC (Home theater PC) is a great learning experience for anyone who likes tinkering with computers. This entire project took about 7 hours, and less than $300.00. This can get a little technical, but with a little time and research – it pays off greatly. You can also buy gaming CPUs that [...]