Google Maps for Android has a “Navigation” feature which isn’t currently available to iPhone users. This feature turns Google Maps into a turn-by-turn GPS device, with text to speech. Meaning, it will read off exit and street names to you to assist you. It has quite a few interesting features.

Traffic / Travel Time – Tells you the travel time and traffic for your current route.

Alternate Routes – You can easily view and select alternate routes for your trip, incase of traffic or unwanted toll-roads.

Street View – Once you reach your destination, it displays a street view image of the address you are navigating to.

Also, using an Android shortcut, you can create an icon on your phones desktop that automatically navigates you to an address. For example, I’ve setup a icon called ‘Go Home’, and it automatically launches Google Maps and navigates me to my home address – with a single touch.

Checkout the video about it