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Basic Algebra

Had this discussion with my girlfriend Kathleen tonight, and thought others may enjoy the humor in it.

(03:39:12 PM) Kathleen: i’m bored ;_;
(03:39:29 PM) Nathan: 2.25 more hours
(03:39:38 PM) Kathleen: :/
(03:39:40 PM) Kathleen: yeah
(03:39:44 PM) Nathan: 2.33 sorry
(03:39:49 PM) Kathleen: no
(03:39:57 PM) Kathleen: 2.20
(03:40:04 PM) Nathan: fuck damit
(03:40:05 PM) Kathleen: oh
(03:40:05 PM) Kathleen: fuck
(03:40:06 PM) Nathan: yea
(03:40:07 PM) Kathleen: wait
(03:40:08 PM) Nathan: waiy
(03:40:13 PM) Kathleen: waaaaiyyyyyy
(03:40:26 PM) Nathan: 20 more mins, 60/20 = 3, so 1/3 = .333333
(03:40:32 PM) Kathleen: DON’T DO MATH TO ME
(03:40:36 PM) Nathan: BOOMMMM
(03:40:40 PM) Kathleen: :[
(03:40:43 PM) Kathleen: i want a hug now
(03:40:48 PM) Kathleen: and you’re not here to give me one
(03:40:51 PM) Kathleen: SEE WHAT YOU DID?
(03:40:55 PM) Nathan: but
(03:41:00 PM) Nathan: go back
(03:41:05 PM) Nathan: -reset-
(03:41:09 PM) Kathleen: no :[
(03:41:20 PM) Nathan: you dont like math?
(03:41:25 PM) Kathleen: i like algebra
(03:41:34 PM) Nathan: that was very basic algebra
(03:42:05 PM) Nathan: yes dear
(03:42:12 PM) Kathleen: exactly :3

Roaming DNS

Recently I was setting up my home desktop ubuntu box to allow remote ssh connections. I got it all working, except ran into a problem when trying to access it from outside my local network. My ISP uses dynamic IP addresses. I have no way of knowing when my IP changes, and even when it does – I have no way of finding my pc on the internet. So I was thinking about pointing a domain name, but I need some sort of process running on my local machine that monitors its internet IP address and makes the necessary DNS changes automatically. There has got to be an easier way to do this…

Community Photostream to digital picture frames

After I upgraded my desktop and netbook with ubuntu 9.10, I started playing with their new Ubuntu One service. It allows you to share files across multiple computers over the internet, with automatic syncing. So, I created a folder called slideshow and shared it. I can now add photos to this slideshow from any computer and it syncs with all of them. How do I use this in a real world situation? A community photostream for digital picture frames. I don’t have a digital picture frame, so instead I configured the screensaver on my netbook to read from this folder. Now I can share this folder with close friends and they can add pictures which automagically start playing on my screensaver.

This could get interesting if this becomes mainstream. Imagine it being used in an office enviroment where employees can upload photos and their streamed on the walls at the office.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

I’ll keep this here, for timestamp purposes.